• Communication and PR.
  • Online Strategy.


  • Position the Ohtels brand as a Hotels & Resorts in Spanish territory in its expansion and growth phase.
  • Generate an image of good hotel and resorts managers.
  • Disseminate its vocation targeting the group’s expansion and growth, with the possibility of including new establishments in its management.
  • Publicise the group’s properties and hotels.
  • Introduce the Ohtels spokesperson as an opinion leader before the media as a tourism and hospitality specialist.


  • Reach key journalists, opinion leaders and influencers. Management of one-to-one meetings.
  • Leverage the informative claims generated by the brand through media coverage.
  • Through the constant generation of knowledge and a positive information drip.


  • More than 200 media impacts, with an informative value of almost 1 million euros in the first 1 year and a half of work. Management of more than 20 professional meetings to present the brand.