Communications, Public Relations and Digital PR

We manage communication and public relations to make sure that your good news reaches everyone.

"We plan, develop and evaluate integrated communication and public relations plans"

We plan, develop and evaluate integrated communication and public relations plans for tourist destinations, institutions, companies and tourist brands.

In an ocean of communication impacts, your brand needs to stand out more than ever from its competitors, delivering added value and a unique positioning. And to do so you need a strategy, which Promotourist will be delighted to implement for you.

Media presence is crucial to brand awareness, and our objective is to make this happen in the best possible way. Grab the attention of your audience, attract them to your brand or product and be news. It matters not whether your brand is already known or you are trying to carve out a niche for yourself in the tourist trade. We know the sector, and we will adapt the communication plan to your size and to your needs. We focus more on ‘how’ rather than on ‘what’, and thanks to our excellent relationship with the Spanish general and specialized communications media we can guarantee results.

Press Office and PR

We help you reach the main media and stakeholders. We promote your brand image generating information of interest and approaching your potential audience.

We do it with the organization of press conferences or managing TV appearances and using communication tools in crisis situations.

Online PR

Online media, content dissemination platforms and social networks are gaining ground over traditional media.

This is the reason why we take your brand communication to this new area, to help you reach your audiences wherever they are. We help to improve your brand perception also in the digital environment.

Creation and development of tourist promotion campaigns

Contact with tourist fairs press departments, advertising budgets management or planning and buying spaces, on and offline. We do everything necessary to guarantee the expansion of your tourism brand in the markets of interest and according to your goals.

Strategic online/offline design

The definition of communication and business goals is basic for a right action development. Development of strategies and implementation of action plans. Cross-marketing actions. Cross-marketing actions.

Meetings with the press and media relations management

Strengthening ties with media is key for your message to gain visibility. We organize all kind of events with press (one-to-one meetings, personal interviews, individual or group press trips, press conferences, breakfasts and lunches with press, …), and we maintain a continuous relationship with media and specialized journalists.

Strategic communication audit

We carry out strategic analisys according to your needs, to help you define your target markets and publics, to also set ambitious and realistic communication goals and to narrow your messages adapting them to those objectives.

Reports and evaluation of results, clippings and monitoring

All our actions are accompanied by result reports, and we provide clipping and digital monitoring with the results so that you know the scope of your campaigns.

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