Marketing and Sales

We design your tourist marketing strategy so that you can reach your market with online and off-line actions.

“We help you to identify and reach your markets with 2 key goals: capture and retain”

We help you to market your product or brand by providing all the marketing tools and techniques you need. With the help of a good strategic design and a careful selection of marketing actions, we help you to understand, identify and approach your markets with a key objective: to capture, keep and increase loyalty.

Our knowledge of the tourism sector and the international market allows us to design strategic marketing plans targeting attractive potential segments to help your business to grow. We are experts in tourist marketing and deliver effective proposals irrespective of the business model: tourist destinations, tourist brands, products, airlines, hotels, restaurants, etc.

If you already have your strategy, we will adapt to it and offer you marketing services, beginning with our proposal and following through to the evaluation of the results. Using the most consolidated trade actions, through to online marketing services such as social media management, influencer marketing or web optimisation, to name but some. We implement actions geared towards maximising your profits or benefits in qualitative and quantitative terms.

Tourism destination management

We become your tourist office on site, channeling and taking full advantage of the relationships with the local trade sector, travel agencies and tour operators. We design and deliver training, webinars, product presentations and other specialized events to promote the destination. We build strategies and co-marketing agreements with tour operation, and we manage your advertising budgets. We are your voice. We are your voice.

Trade Marketing

We design, organize and coordinate all type of actions directed to the sales channel, from online and offline training actions to product presentations, workshops or familiarization trips.

We advise on the implementation of strategic plans aimed at Trade. We coordinate and provide support during the main tourism fairs and during all the essential appointments regarding your brand.

Seminars and destination training programmes

We organize online and offline training directed to your sales channel to promote or reinforce your product or destination knowledge in order to increase conversions. We design and deliver training programs as well as all the necessary materials and we take care of the call and follow-up to maximize the results.

Sales and commercial representation strategic planning

We help you define and achieve your business objectives with the tourism sector. We establish contact with stakeholders. We know and work in constant contact with the main travel agencies and tour operators. We manage appointment schedules with the main interlocutors to open up business and collaboration routes, and we create customized meetings and events to present your product.

Spokesperson training

We strive to train all the staff involved in the public image of your brand, product or tourist destination.

Digital marketing

We take your brand to the digital environment, either specifically or as an integral part of a global strategy according to your needs: from the active management of your online reputation to search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing or strategic planning, design and online advertising campaigns management in search engines (SEM) and social networks (Facebook ads, Linkedin ads, Twitter ads)

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