Social media management

We manage the social media and create and plan digital content for brands.

“Everybody is on social media, but very few enjoy an effective presence”

The scope, segmentation options and myriad creative possibilities of the social media mean that they are indispensable if we want to reach all our targets. Nowadays, everybody is on the social media, but very few enjoy an effective presence.

Your brand or product’s digital presence must be consistent with your brand’s image, it must be aligned with your communication objectives and help to transmit the best version of your product, brand or service. Moreover, it must adapt constantly to the ever-changing digital environment. Because only thus can it contribute to accomplishing your communication goals.

Promotourist prepares a strategic planning for your social media content in order to accomplish specific objectives, which may be individual or be part of a broader-ranging communication effort. We work with our clients to come up with different working methodologies, although we are specifically committed to joint management, because we believe in content generation “from within”.

If you require, we offer the necessary training (assessment) and assistance in joint-managing your brand’s social media presence. We advise, create and suggest content that works best with your different audiences and work on a content plan that will enable you to accomplish optimal visibility.

“We advise, create and suggest the strategies that work best with your different audiences.”


Preparation and implementation of a content strategic plan.


Joint management of social media and advice.


Planning, design and creation of campaigns on Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Twitter Ads (paid social media).


Organization of contests and draws to promote online communities.


Creation of multimedia content to boost interaction.


Monitoring and moderation of virtual communities.


Reports and analyses of brand presence on the different social media.


Design and promotion of new profiles.


Collaboration with influencers to increase visibility.

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