Tourist workshops and roadshows

We organize tourist workshops and product presentations to allow your prescribers to get to know you.

We are experts in organising tourist workshops. Our record endorses us, with an average of more than 40 workshops a year with clients who trust us on an everyday basis.

What is a Tourist Workshop?

A tourist workshop is a professional activity that brings possible prescribers (travel agents, tour operators and OTAs, companies…) into contact with a group of tourist entrepreneurs, normally clustered under a single territorial brand. The working environment is created to promote trade contracts, where entrepreneurs can explain their offer to their audience.

“Ponemos en contacto a empresas o entidades oficiales con futuros y potenciales clientes”

Promotourist firmly believes in these meetings, because we realise that human relationships are essential in generating confidence and in establishing solid professional bonds.

In less than 2 hours, at the same physical venue, we bring companies or official agencies into contact with future and potential clients.

In order to guarantee that the meeting will be a success, Promotourist is totally conversant with the markets and the different agents operating in them, and we work to create the best possible commercial atmosphere. We help the prescribers to learn more in order to reinforce your sales and to kindle their interest in finding out more about the product or the territory.

How do we work?


We seek the location that suits your needs best


We coordinate with the venue selected (audio, cocktail, a show…)


We design all the material (invites, website, credentials, product manuals…)


We screen and select the guests very carefully

Follow up

We perform a daily and personalised follow-up


We collaborate in setting up and closing the workshop


We put you in touch with suppliers to personalize your event.

Next to you

We accompany you from beginning to end to guarantee that your Workshop will be a resounding success.

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Thinking about staging a tourism workshop?

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