A place with diversity



Present Israel as a gay-friendly destination, focusing on the Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade, one of the world’s most important gay-themed festival.
Bringing Israel closer to the gay audience and young people.
Present the current active tourism offer in Israel.



To complement to the invitation of several gay-themed media, Promotourist secured the support of two YouTuber influencers to reach a wider and in general a younger target.

From the different options available, Promotourist chose and invited The Tripletz, a YouTube channel comprised by two twenty-odd DJs with more than 380,000 followers in this medium and 600,000 on Instagram who combine their casual vision of life with a very active role in the defence of homosexual rights.

Promotourist agreed on a minimum number of insertions in both channels.
Promotourist, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism of Israel, organised a visit to the country that combined active attendance of the Tel Aviv gay parade with visits to other points of interest.


The video of The Tripletz’s visit to Israel was published on June 27 and ran up 150,000 views in a matter of days. Six months later, the video has been seen by 200,000 people.
Both members of The Tripletz posted pictures on their Instagram, with an average of 30,000 likes in each of the photos they posted.
Thousands of people discovered a relatively unknown side of Israel and decided to visit the country or put it on their list of places to visit in the near future.

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