Press Office and Public Relations

Our Press and Public Relations Bureau can reach your potential targets through the media.

The work of our Press Office and Public Relations Bureau allows us to reach the different stakeholders or agents and to take care of what matters most to a brand: its reputation. Promotourist’s philosophy is based on accompanying the client at all times to represent its interests and open up new communication and business channels. We provide assessment and a personalized strategy to enable tourist brands to accomplish their goals.

A breakfast, an informal meeting or an invitation to the theater can be the ideal opportunity to deepen a bond. Bonds that will last over time and will create much more than a professional relationship. We are talking about informal gatherings and exchange of confidences on grueling working days that are useful to both parties, the communication adviser and the journalist, to create a bonding moment.

"We become spokesperson of our clients"

Promotourist strives to put itself in both parties’ shoes, i.e. clients and journalists, to improve the concept or the idea that the media have of a brand, and also, on the contrary, to mitigate or soften any prejudices that may have been spawned by circumstances. In a way, we become our clients’ spokesperson, and we eventually convey all of a company’ novelties and achievements, where it is and where it would like to go, to the media.

However, and more particularly, we analyze what the journalists we are dealing with could be interested in, because besides being media professionals who know what they want and choose what they wish to transmit to an audience, they are also people who have values and ideas. Connecting and going with the flow of the relationship is the best possible strategy.

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